Geological Data Technician

Job Summary

Responsible for observing and recording geological data using a variety of instruments, including sonic, electronic, electrical, seismic, or gravity-measuring tools, with the goal of finding oil or gas.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Collect core samples from geological sites to determine if oil or gas is present.
  • Measure and record geological factors and characteristics.
  • Utilize instruments such as sonic, electronic, electrical, seismic, or gravity-measuring tools.
  • Evaluate cutting samples.
  • Operate equipment to secure geological data.
  • Record readings in a database.
  • Interpret core samples.
  • Operate, clean, sanitize, and maintain equipment.
  • Work under the supervision of scientists and other technicians.
  • Train, supervise, and guide other technicians as they take samples.
  • Print recordings of information.
  • Develop information to be used in oil, water, and gas well drilling activities.
  • Prepare notes, sketches, geological maps and cross-sections.