Gaming Supervisor

Job Summary

Responsible for monitoring all activity on the floor at a gaming establishment. Supervises dealers and patrons, handles complaints, attends to malfunctioning machines, and disburses chips or tokens to paying customers.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Observe gaming tables for proper etiquette.
  • Manage casino personnel, including dealers, service workers, and cage attendants.
  • Handle service complaints.
  • Record wagers and compile reports.
  • Ensure that tribal, state, and federal regulations are adhered to during playing of games and wagering.
  • Survey tables for cheaters or suspicious activity.
  • Establish and maintain banks and table limits for each game.
  • Move dealers from game to game.
  • Hire, train, and terminate staff.
  • Explain house rules to both patrons and staff.
  • Establish betting limits and game rules.
  • Comp meals and hotel rooms for VIPs.
  • Evaluate workers' performance.
  • Pay off wagers.
  • Monitor and verify the counting, wrapping, weighing, and distribution of currency and coins.
  • Open and close gaming tables depending on volume of customers.
  • Ensure facility is up to code and has adequate fire protection.
  • Review collection reports and operational expenses.
  • Call for maintenance on malfunctioning machines.