Gaming Service Worker

Job Summary

Responsible for supervising patrons and dealers during games of chance at gaming establishments. Perform surveillance, investigation, and oversight of dealers at game stations.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Ensure gaming operations are running properly and smoothly.
  • Deal cards and run games at gaming establishments.
  • Perform maintenance on slot machines.
  • Handle monies including the exchanging of money for chips and tokens.
  • Record wagers and disburse payouts.
  • Write and run tickets.
  • Deal cards.
  • Circulate among the tables and observe the etiquette of both players and dealers.
  • Attend to complaints about service.
  • Monitor and inspect all machines for malfunctions.
  • Issue and manage cards.
  • Assist in the operation of Bingo and Keno.
  • Walk casino floor regularly.
  • Make minor repairs if necessary.