Gaming Manager

Job Summary

Responsible for supervising gaming tables and gaming dealers to ensure both players and dealers follow house rules and conduct themselves appropriately. Manage day-to-day operations of casino, including cash flow, security management, and customer service.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Walk around gaming area in establishment and monitor players and gaming dealers to ensure no cheating is occurring.
  • Compile summary sheets detailing wager amounts and payoffs.
  • Establish possibilities on house odds, extension of credit, and types of games offered.
  • Comp rooms, food and beverages, and other rewards and discounts for players.
  • Remove players that are cheating or acting inappropriately.
  • Work with gaming dealers to ensure house rules are followed.
  • Extend credit to players.
  • Prepare work schedules and mete out game table assignments.
  • Take attendance.
  • Hire, terminate, and train casino workers.
  • Review operational expenses, budget estimates, betting accounts, and collection reports for accuracy.
  • Match recorded winnings to payout amounts.
  • Establish banks and table limits for games.
  • Address customer complaints.
  • Ensure money and chips supplied to tables are plentiful and uninterrupted.
  • Record, collect, and pay off bets.
  • Assist high-profile customers.
  • Coordinate security and alert them to issues.
  • Track cash flow of the entire casino.