Freight Inspector

Job Summary

Responsible for inspecting freight to determine if it's secure and has the proper paperwork.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Inspect a variety of freight.
  • Determine if freight is tied securely.
  • Determine if crew complied with procedures while loading freight.
  • Ensure temperature and humidity is normal within the storage area.
  • Records freight condition and handling, and notifies crews to reload freight or insert additional bracing or packing.
  • Measure height, width, and weight of freight.
  • Determine if freight can safely pass under bridges and through tunnels.
  • Place packing slip on freight.
  • Submit report of freight.
  • Affix warning signs on vehicles containing explosives or inflammatory or radioactive materials.
  • Review classes and weight information pertaining to questionable billing.
  • Assure proper charges are applied to shipments.
  • Inspect various freight on dock.
  • Establish and maintain effective communication service center personnel.
  • Adhere to training programs and direct orders.
  • Assist Freight Quality Manager to support claims reduction, training and freight quality support.