Job Summary

Responsible for managing the land quality of forests and parks. Monitors forestry and conservation activities. Ensure activities are compliant with government regulations.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Manage forest lands, natural resources, rangelands, and parks.
  • Decide best and most efficient way to remove fallen timber.
  • Design ways to manage forests that minimally impact environment and preserve land.
  • Participate in forest-fire fighting techniques and advise those on suppression methods.
  • Negotiate land-use contracts to harvest timber.
  • Draw up plans to regenerate forested lands.
  • Supervise tree harvests.
  • Monitor the progress of different forests.
  • Devise methods to keep forests free from disease, pestilence, and wildfires.
  • Direct the preparation of sites on which trees will be planted.
  • Advise on the type, number, and placement of trees to be planted.
  • Decide which trees to be harvested after they reach a certain height.
  • Supervise forest and conservation workers and technicians.
  • Evaluate data on forest and soil quality.
  • Assess damage to trees and forest lands caused by fires and logging activities.
  • Measure how quickly potential fires will spread.
  • Determine a fire’s impact on a region’s environment.
  • Communicate with firefighters and other forest workers.
  • Utilize different tools such as clinometers to measure the heights of trees, diameter tapes to measure a tree’s circumference, and increment borers and bark gauges to measure the growth of trees so that timber volumes can be computed and growth rates estimated.