Financial Specialist

Job Summary

Responsible for selling products and services at a financial institution such as a bank. Meets with customers to determine needs and presents products accordingly.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Assess clients' financial situation to determine if they need financial services such as investment services, insurance, or certificates of deposit.
  • Recommend both short-term and long-term investment options for clients.
  • Understand investment goals and recommend asset selection strategies.
  • Develop corrective financial action plans.
  • Prepare budget and cost reports for management.
  • Analyze and report variances for projects.
  • Perform or assist with financial compliance and procedural audits.
  • Ensure that a company's internal controls and policies are functional and adequate, and that they comply with regulatory rules.
  • Prepare financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), industry practices and regulatory guidelines.