Extruding Machine Operator

Job Summary

Responsible for operating and maintaining machines that extrude or draw out thermoplastic or metal materials into hoses, bars, tubes, rods, wires, or structures.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Select machine dies.
  • Determine setup procedures.
  • Draw or press metal into shapes and diameters.
  • Reel extruded products into rolls.
  • Specify lengths and weights of rolls.
  • Replace worn dies.
  • Set controls to regulate vacuum, air pressure, sizing rings, and temperature.
  • Synchronize speed of extrusion.
  • Read and interpret blueprints and drawings.
  • Locate defects on extruded products.
  • Check for conformance to specifications.
  • Adjust controls as necessary.
  • Splice cables.
  • Install, connect, test, and adjust equipment.
  • String lines or install terminal boxes.
  • Clean tools.
  • Position insulation over conductors.
  • Seal splices with moisture-proof covering.
  • Access areas by climbing pols and ladders.
  • Remove excess, entangled, or completed filaments from machines.
  • Operate machines that extrude filaments from synthetic materials such as rayon, fiberglass, or liquid polymers.
  • Start metering pumps.
  • Activate and adjust extruding machines.