Job Summary

Responsible for creating epidemiological investigative work by assisting in the design and analysis of epidemiological investigations for disease surveillance or other special studies.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Identify causative agents or conditions that result in poor or adverse health effects.
  • Provide data and information concerning corrective actions.
  • Create programs to alleviate adverse health effects.
  • Propose practices or policies based on findings that will preserve or promote public health.
  • Supervise disease outbreak investigations and attempt to discover the root cause.
  • Collect data and interview cases and controls.
  • Begin epidemiological investigations of communicable disease outbreaks, chronic illness conditions, disease risk factors, or other adverse health outcomes.
  • Manage disease surveillance systems for the public.
  • Perform epidemiological and statistical analyses on data and prepares results for review.
  • Analyze environmental chemical exposure and its health affects.
  • Analyze and interpret data for people responsible for programs or policy development.
  • Propose corrective action or interventions to prevent or alleviate public health problems based on epidemiological findings.
  • Conduct disease surveillance operations.
  • Create routine statistical summary reports and present findings.
  • Create and deliver case control, cohort, or cross sectional studies to identify the incidence, prevalence, or causes of human morbidity or mortality.
  • Interpret results of investigations and compare to health outcome data.
  • Maintain records and databases.