Job Summary

Responsible for Using fluid body movements during musical productions including opera, ballroom, musical theater, ballet, and concerts. Dances alone, with partner, or in a group with goal of entertaining audience.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Use coordinated movement to express emotions through dance set to music.
  • Perform classical, modern, or acrobatic dances.
  • Take cues and instruction from choreographers.
  • Perform routines at rehearsals until moves are perfected.
  • Work in tandem with other dancers to create an entire routine.
  • Practice technique.
  • Sing and/or provide other forms of entertainment.
  • Present folk, ethnic, tap, jazz, or other popular kinds of dance.
  • Go on tour with other performers for a certain period of time during the year.
  • Promote performances if necessary.
  • Maintain healthy lifestyle to accentuate performance.
  • Teach instruction to dance students.
  • Choreograph routines set to music.
  • Take cues from music and adjust routine according to rhythm.