Court Clerk

Job Summary

Responsible for managing all clerical and administrative functions in a court setting, including maintaining court records, handling customer service, dealing with queries, and assembling documents during a trial.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Assist the administration of the court.
  • Prepare and maintain the docket of scheduled cases.
  • Process passports and swear in new citizens.
  • Manage official documents such as marriage licenses, mortgages, and deeds.
  • Notify participants when trial date approaches, along with any necessary details.
  • Record payments for fees.
  • Notify court participants that fees are due.
  • Assemble documents required for court proceedings.
  • Prepare, file and forward documents and case files.
  • Identify and request any missing material.
  • Review documents for accuracy.
  • Record minutes of proceedings.
  • Transcribe minutes after sessions.
  • Administer the oath taken by the jurors and witnesses.
  • Supervise other court clerks.
  • Manage records management system.
  • Draft court orders and record petitions for changes in rules and statutes.
  • Prepare petitions and warrants.
  • Process court decisions for publication.
  • Impanel jurors and provide information on court procedures.