Counter Clerk

Job Summary

Responsible for selling goods or services at a business. Checks out customers, scans items, answers questions, handles warranty information, and provides a receipt.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Check out items for customers.
  • Greet patrons.
  • Sell goods and services.
  • Provide information for customers who have problems or questions.
  • Demonstrate how to use a product and maximize the use of its features.
  • Take money in the form of cash, credit card, or check.
  • Ask for one or two forms of ID to confirm identity.
  • Validate checks.
  • Issue receipts, refunds, and credits.
  • Count money in cash drawers at the beginning of shifts to ensure that amounts are correct and that there is adequate change.
  • Change receipt paper as needed.
  • Resolve amount discrepancies.
  • Bag items carefully.
  • Weigh items.
  • Clean up checkout area with damp cloth and disinfectant.
  • Establish or identify prices of goods, services or admission, and tabulate bills using calculators, cash registers, or optical price scanners.
  • Direct patrons to aisles where they can find certain merchandise.
  • Prepare merchandise for display.
  • Keep records of transactions.
  • Answer telephones and queries over the phone.
  • Receive, examine, and tag articles to be altered, cleaned, stored, or repaired.
  • Explain rental fees and policies.
  • Discuss how to care for items.
  • Set up cash drawers.
  • Keep safe locked.
  • Call for emergency services if need arises.
  • Know products and weekly ad items.