Cost Estimator

Job Summary

Responsible for forecasting the expense and scope of projects within a company. Analyze business endeavors and envelop cost information for businesses to make sound financial decisions.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Predict the expense of future projects or products by analyzing monetary costs and other factors.
  • Aid management in bidding on or determining price of product or service.
  • Break down all expenses related to a project including materials, labor, and other resources.
  • Help companies make sound buying and hiring decisions.
  • Plan project budgets.
  • Track projects throughout its course and recommend budget adjustments.
  • Review preliminary plans thoroughly.
  • Perform onsite investigations before, during, and after project.
  • Work with engineers to interpret blueprints or conceptual drawings.
  • Compile a list of parts and decides whether it is more cost efficient to manufacture or to purchase the parts.
  • Prepare time-phase charts and learning curves.
  • Calculate standard labor hours necessary to produce units or to complete project.
  • Find and correct problems associated with the project, product assembly, and testing.