Correspondence Clerk

Job Summary

Responsible for preparing documents and letters to answer a variety of queries, including requests for merchandise, claims, credit, delinquent accounts, incorrect billings, and poor service. The clerk gathers all appropriate information and types a comprehensive reply with the intent of solving the customer's problem.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Compose letters and other correspondence to customers inquiring about extending credit, how to obtain merchandise, incorrect billings, claims, and other issues.
  • Respond to questions about delinquent accounts and direct customers on how to resolve them.
  • Prepare damage claims and invoices.
  • Type acknowledgement letters after receiving correspondence.
  • Prepare periodic reports.
  • Maintain files that detail correspondence activity.
  • Receive and routes correspondence to appropriate people or departments.
  • Review letters for accuracy and revise if necessary.
  • Ensure correct customer information is included.
  • Explain rules and regulations in letters.
  • Read, interpret, and respond to incoming correspondence.
  • Attaches previous records to correspondence for context.
  • Ensure that money enclosed in correspondence is correctly documented.
  • Process orders dealing with requests for product.
  • Prepare records for shipment by certified mail.
  • Deliver completed document to typists for them to type, fold, and insert in envelope to be mailed.
  • Determine disposition of correspondence.