Job Summary

Responsible for coordinating, planning, and reporting on the financial activities of an organization. Sets financial policies and oversee accounting, bookkeeping, and auditing departments.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Coordinate financial planning, debt financing, and budget management functions.
  • Collect, summarize, and interpret financial data.
  • Monitor monthly operating results.
  • Benchmark profits and losses against competitors or other departments.
  • Supervise record keeping and set up controls to ensure compliance.
  • Supervise all financial reports distributed by the company, including annual reports to stockholders and government agencies.
  • Plan purchases for new equipment.
  • Oversee loans to go towards new branches or factories.
  • Plan budgets and set fiscal limits.
  • Direct financial audits and recommend improvements.
  • Develop five year and ten year financial business plans.
  • Oversee debt financing and repayments.
  • Supervise accounting staff.
  • Develop forecasts for proposed projects of the organization.
  • Measure actual performance against operating plans and standards.
  • Establish major economic objectives and policies for the company.