Consumer Behavior Analyst

Job Summary

Responsible for researching and identifying the needs and desire of customers in order to benefit a company and increase profits and customer service experience.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Determine needs of customers through intense research, surveys, and focus groups.
  • Identify market trends.
  • Perform complex analysis and modeling for multiple products with the goal of maximizing profits and asset growth and minimizing risk.
  • Develop program models to extract data.
  • Propose policy and procedure changes to produce optimal results.
  • Build and enhance relationships with vendors and other external parties.
  • Provide analytical and technical guidance during projects.
  • Communicate business trends to senior management.
  • Define, measure, and communicate key performance indicators for consumer segment.
  • Conduct monthly deep dives on product performance.
  • Provide thought leadership on best practices related to e-commerce measurement and testing, segmentation methodologies, customer profile elements, and predictive models.
  • Promote consumer segment interests.
  • Optimize retention email, direct mail, and site merchandising performance, including measurement, campaign testing, prioritizing concepts, and developing and testing new long-term contact strategies and customer treatments.
  • Support the development of customer-centric business and loyalty marketing strategies and analyses.
  • Leverage internal learning, benchmarks and category/business knowledge to provide a bigger picture context to analysis.
  • Provide actionable recommendations for opportunities that support business objectives identified through ongoing program and customer measurement.