Coatroom Attendant

Job Summary

Responsible for taking patrons' coats, hanging them in a back room, and giving the patron a ticket for a later pickup.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Take patrons' coats at events such as performances, plays, concerts, charity events, dances, balls, movies, or other various events.
  • Hang coat neatly with appropriate hanger.
  • Place coat in special slot in coatroom.
  • Give patron a ticket to enable them to pick up their coat at a later time.
  • Place patron's belongings in locker, secure, and either give them the lock or a ticket to open it later.
  • Answer questions or handle complaints from customers.
  • Refer customers to supervisors.
  • Collect lost items after events and store them.
  • Inquire if patrons are missing any items.
  • Compare lost items to patrons' descriptions.
  • Track down missing or misplaced coats.
  • Retrieve coats for patrons and help them into it.
  • Order new coat hangers when needed.
  • Train new employees.
  • Ensure each patron receives the proper coat.
  • If coat gets dirty, take coat to cleaners and restore it to owner.
  • Protect articles by keeping the proper room temperature.
  • Cover coat with protective covering to ensure dust or stains do not get on coats.
  • Take payments as needed and provide change.