Coating, Painting, or Spraying Machine Operator

Job Summary

Responsible for applying a layer or layers or paint or coating to a product to protect it from the elements and/or make it more aesthetically appealing. Prepares surfaces, cleans, product, and applies coating.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Apply coatings such as paint, plastic, varnish, chocolate, or some other type of coating solution to various products, such as cars, toys, or electronics.
  • Prepare surface using metal, wood, or plastic part to sand or ground surface.
  • Correct imperfections or roughen surface.
  • Carefully cleanse product to remove dust and dirt.
  • Dip metal parts in chemical baths to prepare surface.
  • Cover portions of product with tape and paper.
  • Dip item in vat of paint or coating.
  • Immerse racks or baskets of articles in vats of paint, liquid plastic, or other solutions using a power hoist.
  • Spray products with paint or coating solutions.
  • Use spray guns to coat metal, wood, ceramic, fabric, paper, and food products.
  • Fill the machine's tanks with a mixture of paints or chemicals, adding prescribed amounts of solution.
  • Adjust nozzles on the spray guns to obtain the proper dispersion of the spray.
  • Hold or position the guns to direct the spray onto the article.
  • Check the flow and viscosity of the paint or solution.
  • Check product for flaws, bubbles, or imperfections.
  • Regulate the temperature and air circulation in drying ovens.
  • Operate automated painting systems.
  • Position automatic spray guns, set nozzles, and synchronize action of guns with speed of conveyor carrying articles.
  • Add solvents or water to paint vessel.
  • Tend equipment.
  • Observe and adjust gauges.
  • Use spray gun to apply touch-ups.