Chief Technology Officer

Job Summary

Responsible for developing, enhancing, and deploying a company's web presence. Ensures execution of company's business goals and strategies

Primary Responsibilities

  • Establish governance processes of direction and control to ensure that objectives are achieved.
  • Direct and development a security plan.
  • Protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the company’s data and servers.
  • Identify and implement technology trends and platforms.
  • Communicate the company’s technology strategy to investors, management, staff, partners, customers, and stakeholders.
  • Evaluate and recommend technologies.
  • Select and register company's domain names.
  • Establish email service.
  • Implement web-based internal communications system.
  • Oversee graphic designer's efforts to create a company corporate identity and website.
  • Manage vendor relationships.
  • Conduct code reviews and specification conformance testing.
  • Establish quality assurance process.
  • Establish an application deployment process.
  • Monitor web analytics regime to ascertain site traffic.
  • Implement technical requirements for Internet marketing and search engine optimization.
  • Integrate customer service and support with the software engineering process to support resolution of customer issues and improve application usability.