Chief communications Officer

Job Summary

Responsible for the public relations aspect within an organization. Builds and sustains a company's reputation for quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Writes and delivers press releases and handles all communication sent to the public

Primary Responsibilities

  • Manage company brand and reputation.
  • Ensure public views the organization favorably.
  • Create and launch press releases and marketing campaigns.
  • Contact members of the media to set up interviews with company reps.
  • Get company featured on radio, TV, or the Internet.
  • Ensure that all opportunities for the CEO are fully vetted.
  • Drive corporate strategy and message development, pitch and announcement strategies.
  • Develop branding initiatives, internal communications and external media relations.
  • Determines communications strategy and execute programs to deliver communications objectives throughout the organization.
  • Develop communication strategies for delivery of corporate culture and business strategy.
  • Manage media relations and maximize media opportunities.
  • Develop strong relationships with media reps.
  • Develop delivery and packaging plans for corporate messages.
  • Develop internal publications such as newsletters, releases, email announcements, planned publications, on-line, intranet, video, special projects and assignments.
  • Create rich and creative content that is optimized for search engines.