Central Office Operator

Job Summary

Responsible for operating telephone switchboard to facilitate lines of communication, including local and long-distance calls.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Connect customers making incoming calls to the proper person.
  • Greet customers warmly.
  • Operate switchboard and helps customers establish local and long-distance calls.
  • Observe signal light on switchboard, plug cords into trunk-jack, and press button to make connections.
  • Insert tickets in time-stamping device to be imprinted with accurate time.
  • Record time of all calls.
  • Utilize charts to determine phone call charges.
  • Request coin deposits for calls if necessary.
  • Give out subscribers' telephone numbers.
  • Quote long distance charges.
  • Calculate rates.
  • Make long-distance connections.
  • Access alphabetical and geographical directories.
  • Handle special billing requests.
  • Assist with credits or refunds for improperly dialed numbers or missed connections.
  • Handle emergency calls, referring caller to 911.
  • Assist children or people with physical disabilities to make calls.
  • Suggest alternate spellings or locations for directories that can't be located.
  • Operate paging systems or other systems of bells or buzzers to notify recipients of incoming calls.
  • Keep directory updated.
  • Provide relay service for hearing-impaired users.