Ceiling Tile Installer

Job Summary

Responsible for working in the interiors of buildings installing wallboards to ceilings or to interior walls of buildings.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Install ceiling tile on walls or ceilings.
  • Fasten drywall panels to the inside framework of houses and other buildings.
  • Help build walls and ceilings.
  • Mount decorative or functional tiles or blocks, strips, or sheets of shock-absorbing materials to ceilings and walls of buildings.
  • Ensure walls are soundproofed.
  • Measure and mark the surface according to blueprints and drawings.
  • Select and order appropriate amount of tiles.
  • Nail moldings to the wall to support and seal the joint between the ceiling tile and the wall.
  • Mount tile using adhesives.
  • Press tile into place firmly.
  • Remove chipped or defective tiles.
  • Add tiles for backsplash or decorative touches.
  • Assist in remodels.
  • Negotiate prices with vendors.
  • Provide different tile samples for client to select.