Bookkeeping Clerk

Job Summary

Responsible for managing the ledger, or compilation of some or all of a company's accounts. Maintain an entire company's books and make numerous daily computations to update accounting records.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Make numerous daily computations to update and maintain accounting records.
  • Verify and enter firms' transactions into ledger.
  • Compile data from cashiers to prepare bank deposits.
  • Prepare reports and summaries.
  • Handle various payroll duties.
  • Prepare invoices for billing, including totaling numbers, adding dates, and verifying financial data.
  • Track and oversee overdue accounts.
  • Refer overdue accounts to collections.
  • Verify balancing receipts.
  • Send cash, checks, or other forms of payment to the bank.
  • Post debits and credits.
  • Post details of transactions, total accounts, and compute interest charges.
  • Stay familiar with list of tax and accounting rules.
  • Calculate expenditures.
  • Prepare tax reports and monthly invoice statements.
  • Use computers to input data.