Job Summary

Responsible for designing and installing boilers, closed vats, or containers that hold liquids and gases. Performs repairs as necessary.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Design, install, and repair boilers used to heat water for generating electric power or providing heat in buildings and factories.
  • Weld sections of boiler together using welding machines or systems.
  • Study designs and drawings to create templates of boilers.
  • Bend sections of metal into shape to form outline of boiler.
  • Attach water tubes, stacks and liners, safety and check valves, and water and pressure gauges.
  • Oversee assembly of boiler in fabrication shop.
  • Build tanks and vats used to store chemicals, oil, and other products.
  • Maintain boilers after installation, including making repairs as necessary.
  • Build and repair air pollution equipment and other structures such as blast furnaces, water treatment plants, storage and process tanks, and smoke stacks.
  • Install refractory brick in fireboxes.
  • Install and maintain pipes in dams that will power water flow to and from power generation turbines.
  • Visit sites to upgrade components such as boiler tubes and ductwork.
  • Inspect fittings, feed pumps, safety and check valves, water and pressure gauges, boiler controls, and auxiliary machinery.
  • Clean vats using scrapers, wire brushes, and cleaning solvents.
  • Operate metalworking machinery to repair or make parts.
  • Repair leaks and patch weakened spots.
  • Replace defective parts.
  • Strengthen joints.