Job Summary

Responsible for using scissors or clippers to trim, cut, shave, or shape hair in a barbershop. Provides consultation to client, selects equipment, cuts hair, styles, and then blow-dries and finishes hair.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Cut, trim, and shape hair into desired style.
  • Utilize clippers, combs, rushes, scissors, and blow-out guns to style and cut hair.
  • Apply lather using a thick brush chin, cheeks, and neck.
  • Use razor to shave beard or mustache.
  • Shape hair on temple and neck.
  • Perform consultation to get the client's opinion on desired hairstyle.
  • Apply product such as mousse or serum to hair.
  • Cut and style hair.
  • Apply lotion after shaving.
  • Massage face, neck, or scalp.
  • Apply hot towels on face to open pores.
  • Use blow dryer to dry hair.
  • Give client mirror to check color/cut.
  • Use scissors to correct stray hair or sides that appear longer.
  • Cut bangs.
  • Shave sideburns or back or neck.
  • Sweep up hair around station.
  • Stock shelves with products.
  • Check out patrons.
  • Promote services using coupons and cards.
  • Sell products or cosmetic supplies.