Animal Trainer

Job Summary

Responsible for working with and training a variety of animals for shows, movies, disabilities assistance, competitions, or to perform in front of groups of people.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Train animals such as elephants, lions, dolphins, dogs, cats, monkeys, or other wild or domesticated animals for various activities such as performances or to assist the disabled.
  • Train horses to perform at competitions.
  • Condition animals to respond to commands or gestures.
  • Reinforce good behavior with treats or praise.
  • Repeat training for several months until goals have been achieved.
  • Ensure animal gets proper physical exercise, a nutritious diet, and adequate shelter.
  • Provide mental stimulation for animal.
  • Ensure animal receives proper medical care.
  • Train animals to participate in educational programs at zoos.
  • Familiarize animals with the sound and touch of humans.
  • Train animals to perform tricks.
  • Train animals to perform for movies or theater productions.
  • Prep animals for circus routines.
  • Evaluate new animals to determine training aptitude.
  • Signal animal during performance.
  • Reward animal during and after performance.
  • Ensure safety of animal is a top priority at all times.
  • Feed animal nutritious meals according to a proper diet.
  • Observe animals for injury or illness.
  • Administer medication as needed and dress or treat injuries.
  • Train dogs to work with law enforcement and track down drugs and fleeing suspects.