Aircraft Rigging Assembler

Job Summary

Responsible for assembling, fitting, and installing airplane or missile parts, including landing gear and parts found in heating or ventilation.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Install and fit parts for aerial vehicles.
  • Assemble, fit, fasten, and install parts of airplanes, space vehicles, or missiles, including tails and wings, landing gear, and heating and ventilation systems.
  • Consult with manufacturers and designers.
  • Perform precision assembling.
  • Adjust timing devices.
  • Build prototypes.
  • Test products and parts.
  • Read and interpret engineering specifications from text and drawings.
  • Utilize computer-aided drafting systems.
  • Redesign parts for easier install.
  • Use precision-measuring instruments.
  • Attach brackets, hinges, or clips to secure parts.
  • Cut, trim, and smooth parts.
  • Verify sizes and adjust if necessary.
  • Repair parts.
  • Test for malfunctions.
  • Position and align subassemblies in jigs.
  • Fit and fasten sheet metal coverings to surface areas.
  • Cut and fit cables and tubing.
  • Set, align, adjust, or synchronize aircraft armament.
  • Operate machines to crimp, saw, flare, or straighten tubing.
  • Form loops or splice cables using clamps.