Aerospace Engineer

Job Summary

Responsible for designing and testing aircraft, missiles, and spacecraft.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Develop new designs for use in aviation, defense systems, and space exploration.
  • Work on designs for commercial aircraft, military fighter jets, helicopters, spacecraft, or missiles and rockets.
  • Construct prototypes.
  • Test and supervise the manufacture of aircraft, spacecraft, and missiles.
  • Specify functional requirements during development phase.
  • Integrate components into the final design.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the design and change if necessary.
  • Estimate cost, reliability, and safety.
  • Test products thoroughly for safety issues and defects.
  • Use computers extensively to produce and analyze designs.
  • Generate specifications for parts.
  • Control the efficiency of processes.
  • Supervise production of aerial vehicles.
  • Ensure designed systems function reliably and for a long time.
  • Operate in design teams to research and develop airframes.
  • Analyze aerodynamic properties of wings on jet fighters.
  • Use computer engineering programs.
  • Design performance upgrades as needed.
  • Work with earthbound vehicles, such as deep-diving vessels.
  • Supervise drafters and engineering technicians.
  • Develop guidance and control systems.