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  • Cognitive Impairment and the Interactive Process
    by Melanie Whetzel - August 27, 2019
    What is the employer's role in the interactive process when an employee may not be able to fully understand everything that is involved in the process? Just what is involved? And what is meant by a cognitive impairment? Let us start out by describing what cognition is. Cognition is the act of knowing and/or thinking. It includes the ability to understand, remember, and use information. It also includes the ability to...
  • Stress vs. Anxiety: Defining and Accommodating in the Workplace
    by Melanie Whetzel - April 18, 2018
    In our increasingly fast-paced and stressful world, it seems we are called to accomplish more and more in less time. That may go for many of us in our employment situations as well. As employers and contractors continue to downsize and become leaner, many employees find themselves performing more work, or work of a different nature than what they had previously been required to perform. And some of these employees experie...
  • Performance and Conduct Issues in Employees with Mental Health Impairments
    by Melanie Whetzel - August 18, 2017
    Performance and conduct issues can be a source of concern for federal contractors in general, but can trigger even greater concern when employees with mental health impairments are involved. How do contractors address these concerns with their employees? It may be a difficult thing to do even when the contractor is aware of a mental health issue, but what if they are not aware? What if the contractor suspects that a men...