Your Job Search is Like Shopping for Shoes
Many employers are now using pre-employment assessment tools. These assessments may make some job seekers apprehensive, but they are good for candidates too because as the saying goes, "If the shoe fits…" Such a simple concept in a world of complex analysis. The same holds true for jobs, "If they fit you wear them, if they don’t you won’t."

Why is this important to you in your job search? You see, you want to get a job that "fits" you. You want to use your natural talents and abilities in your new position. If you take a job that doesn’t fit, you will initially stretch yourself because you are happy to have your new position. After a while though, you begin to feel "uncomfortable" with stretching all the time and fall back into your "real" self. Pretty soon you find yourself in search mode again because your new position "isn’t quite what you expected."

In the largest study ever published by the Harvard Business Review, the study found that the most important factor for job success was "job fit." What makes up this job fit? With shoes you consider size, width, arch, design and cut. With a job, you want to look at skills, education, personalities, interests, company culture, and your supervisor.

Let’s just look at only one variable. Say you enjoy working around and with people. Suddenly in your new employment, you find yourself sitting in an office by yourself with very little contact with others. On the other side of the coin, you enjoy a quiet and secluded work environment. Now you find that you are in a team or open cell position… In either case, what do you think will happen to you and your performance?

Employers are aware of the importance of job fit and its impact on performance and retention. Many are now using assessment tools to help them identify that fit for the candidates. That’s why it is important for you to be yourself while taking a pre-employment assessment. When there is a good fit, you win, employers win and the customers win too.

Remember, you want your shoes…and job to fit!