When You Are Down and Out - Get your Friend, Mentor, Coach, Family Member!
I hear way to often that folks don’t reach their goals because life gets in the way. They often end there, look at me for the sympathetic ear, then are shocked when I say………..EXCUSES, EXCUSES, EXCUSES!

I am not paid to coddle people and friends don’t come to me because I am a softy…… they come to me because they know I have their best interest at heart, and when I hear excuses, I have to call them out on it.

Life’s challenges, tragedies, hardships, and even little annoyances can certainly derail us. But it is how we respond and act on them that makes the difference. Many of us crawl up in a ball and rock ourselves to avoidance bliss. Others look at the situation dead on, and refuse to let it get the better of them.

You just need to determine which one you are and want to be….. because the greatest achievements and successes are made during the toughest of times; personally, economically, worldly.

When you feel yourself spiraling out of control, reach out to someone to help you get back on track. It just takes a few words - “I need your help!”…………and folks will come running.

So, the next time the little annoyances or big challenges are at your doorstep, answer the door, and face them head on.