Using Social Media for Your #jobsearch
Social media websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook can be effective job search tools if used appropriately. Creating a strong web presence is important in order to become more visible to employers and recruiters. The following are some great tips to get started expanding your social media presence.

1. Create a professional LinkedIn profile that can be used as your online resume. The more active you are with expanding your network, participating in alumni or industry-related groups the better your web presence will be.

2. Have a social media strategy that aligns with your career goals so you know which companies and groups to follow. For example, if you are pursuing a Human Resources career, follow industry organizations like SHRM – Society of Human Resource Management.

3. Reach out to your network by updating your status with what type of position/career you are looking for.

4. Ask for LinkedIn recommendations from your past colleagues and managers highlighting your strengths.

5. If you are using your Twitter account for job searching, make sure to avoid tweeting anything you wouldn’t want an employer to know. Otherwise, you can create separate personal and professional Twitter accounts.

6. Make sure to get the most out of Twitter by searching topics and people that are relevant to your job search.

7. While searching for jobs and tweeting on Twitter use a hashtag (#) before the topics you are looking for other tweets related to: #jobtips, #HRjobs, etc.

8. Be aware of your privacy settings in Facebook to ensure what a potential employer may see.

9. Facebook is a great tool for keeping up with specific company news by “liking” their page in addition to joining industry related groups similar to LinkedIn.

10. Don’t rely solely on one social media site, but instead engage in a variety of platforms along with job boards and face-to-face networking to secure your next job opportunity.