Top Entrepreneurial Traits - Seeks Advice/Support - Three Tips for Seeking Advice
A test of character but definitely a key and strategic trait of an entrepreneur is their ability to admit they need help, that they don’t know everything, and that they need to surround themselves with good people, and therefore they go out and seek to identify, partner and engage with one or a group of people that act as their advisors, mentors or coaches.

I bring this up today as I spend a good part of this month engaging the support of my set of advisors and mentors to help with the business growth plans that I am pursuing for my business. It caused me to sit back and really appreciate the dedication, time, and selflessness that each of them have showed me by carving out precious time in their day and most of the time weekend to coach me, to mentor me, and to contribute to the exciting opportunities ‘we’ have in front of us with my business.

And all I had to do was ASK them. Okay, I had to admit all along that I did not know everything and that I needed to put my ego aside and reach out to people that have ‘been there done that’ and who could provide me great tips and best practices, as well as throw up the warning signs of danger if I was going down the wrong path. Trust me, they have prevented a great deal of mistakes for me as well as providing me great ideas, challenges and constructive feedback.

If you don’t have a mentor, advisor and/or coach - and I am not talking about just those that you may choose to hire (afterall I am a coach by trade), but those that are in your network that you can reach out to and seek advise, then my TIP for you is to spend time to do it now. You will thank me for it.

3 Tips for engaging a Mentor/Coach or Advisor:

1. Look at your network of people - business, personal, acquaintance. Who is there that you respect, look up to, has a similiar business model or success achievement that you would like to mirror?

2. Have your business plans (and I mean ideas, direction, purpose and vision - not a formal business plan though that would be TERRIFIC)...and define what and how you would leverage those individuals and how often, as their time is valuable - use it wisely

3. Simply ASK...discuss with them what you are working on and what you need from experts, professionals, determined people like them, and then just ask them if they would provide you some monthly, quarterly or as needed support. I have never had anyone say no! Everyone wants to help.

BTW - if your network does not have anyone you would want to engage, then begin to search it out. Have criteria for what you are looking for and go look for it.

Whatever you do, as an entrepreneur you can never have enough support and expertise surrounding you. You may get to much advice from too many people :) but you will know when it is too much. Great leaders surround themselves with smarter people then themselves. Don’t allow ego, doubt, or any other negative feeling prevent you from obtaining it.

And have fun, you won’t believe what they will bring to you, your business and your life.