Social Network Your Career Success
Hey girl, are you a new grad? Consider owning your own business. Women have gained in the controlling share of the current “spend”, racking up over 3 trillion dollars in revenues through women-owned business in the last year. Our very nature assigns our gender to find the greatest success in developing and maintaining positive and harmonious relationships. However, for the first time in history, we are now competing on very different terms, in very critical ways, often gaining ground quicker than the guys. How have we done it? Here are five strategies to assist translating your social network into career success.

Strategy One: Express your authentic self.
Once we are comfortable with whomever we see in the “mirror” as we evolve throughout our lives, we become better equipped to live authentically, honoring our own independent choices, and moving from a victim of our own shortcomings to a champion of our own successes.
Strategy Two: Establish an ideal reputation.
Creating a reputation in the social world is the same as creating (and sustaining) a reputation within your career and business life. Integrate these two worlds.

Strategy Three: Toot your own horn.
Presenting your personal and professional value to others is an important part of getting the recognition that we deserve for our ideas, our contribution and our gifts. Avoid expecting others to automatically acknowledge these talents and TOOT that horn!

Strategy Four: Get the equity.
Whenever you bring talent, energy and enthusiasm to the table and couple these with capability, you should be rewarded. Keep a daily accomplishment journal to remind you of your value. Research the value of your efforts and ask for the equ T.
Strategy Five: Transform and transcend.
Adaptability, flexibility and strength, all a part of our natural skillset, are often called upon when we need to be thecourageous visionaries of our own lives. When career and life are no longer in service to our happiness, it is time to re-evaluate what changes must occur. This strategy, perhaps the most difficult, also relies on the four previous strategies we have memorized and utilized so far. How fast can you change?