Resume Questions and Answers
Resume Questions and Answers
Q. During my career as an executive secretary, I have worked in four companies in different industries but my job duties have remained pretty much the same, as has my title. I love what I do, but how can I show progress in my career as I look for my next position?

A. When you are applying for an executive secretary position, the other candidates probably have skills, education, and responsibilities that are very similar to yours. So what makes the difference between one candidate and another? Accomplishments. You need to rethink your resume in terms of what you accomplished at each position, not the tasks you performed. That will not only distinguish you from the competition but distinguish your former jobs from each other. Robin’s Resumes® can help.

Q. I have been reading resume books and taking advice from friends—and I still have no idea what kind or style of resume I should be writing. No one seems to agree. How do I know what the best resume is?

A. The “best” resume is one that is tailored to you and to your career goals. What is perfect for one job applicant may not serve another one at all. At Robin’s Resumes® we interview you and take into account your experience, your achievements, your industry and your expectations. We also keep up-to-date on the current expectations of hiring managers and recruiters; we know what they want to see in a resume.

Q. I have left the military and am looking for a civilian job. How do I make my military experience marketable in civilian life?

A. During your military career, you have demonstrated a commitment to finishing tasks, working collaboratively in a team, setting goals, and managing projects. Depending on your rank or area of specialization, you may have financial, organization management, or leadership skills; you may have a valuable security clearance; and you may have valuable government contacts. You may need help translating your military experience into terms that civilians will understand and value. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with extraordinary folks from every branch of the military.