Re-integration After the War
Surviving the war and getting home are sometimes half the battle. Veterans often return home and are faced with the task of re-integrating back into the civilian lifestyle and workforce. Having a solid support system of people who understand what veterans are going through can help during these transitions. There are groups such as Dryhootch of America which help veterans re-integrate back into society faster, develop occupational growth, and enhance their lives post-service.

Host Azure Mahara talks with Tom Voss of Dryhootch to discuss this veteran network of support that helps veterans quickly re-integrate back into civilian life and how networking can help when trying to reconnect with the civilian workforce.

Podcast Series: Community Concepts
Community Concepts invites you to take a look at the organizations that deal with the community and issues they face when it comes to employment. Whether you are a veteran, a woman, a mature worker an individual with a disability or consider yourself diverse, community concepts has a show for you.