New Technologies Transform Work and Life
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New Technologies Transform Work and Life

New Technologies

To be competitive, many companies may find themselves in a Houdini-like twist. How can they respond quickly and nimbly to the ever-changing business environment without getting caught in knots?

In today’s data-driven age, the ability to use new technologies to quickly transform information into insight creating new markets for their products and services is core to sustainability. Companies need to breathe innovation and be passionately customer-focused.

Technology can play an important supporting role in enabling organizations to become more innovative and agile. Technology should function as a change agent in the use and adoption of best-in-class information sharing processes, so company’s can improve their use of targeted customer data.

Transform Work and Life

A couple of real work-life examples follow:

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is transforming his company’s culture from self-indulgent egocentric hackers feeding on their own competiveness and self-gratification to creating apps for mobile devices focusing on loving their customers. Jay Elliot CEO of iMEDGO and author of The Steve Jobs Way developed an app to monitor customer’s vital health functions and in an emergency alert medical assistance. Creating loving customer relationships to connect, consume and communicate through new technology is truly the killer app transforming work and life.”

You can develop these qualities by working with a professional coach. The investment is well worth the reward: your ability to influence the future, your career and your personal-development capabilities.

Are you working in a company where executive coaches provide leadership development to help leaders put positive innovation into action? Does your organization provide executive coaching for leaders who need to be more innovative? Innovative leaders tap into their emotional intelligence and social intelligence skills to create a more fulfilling future.

One of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself is “Am I a new technology savvy leader who helps individuals and organizations achieve their highest potential, flourish at work, experience elevating energy and achieve levels of effectiveness difficult to attain otherwise?” Emotionally intelligent and socially intelligent organizations provide executive coaching to help leaders develop more innovative products and services.