Mentalism and Non-Verbal Cues

Non-verbal communication is a vital part to human interaction, particularly in the workplace where influence, perception and impact are experienced across industries, from networking to the interview process to everyday dealings at work. Marc Salem is considered one of the foremost authorities on non-verbal communication and has spent over 30 years studying the mind as a researcher, professor and mentalist on stage - another non-traditional position that's been successful. Marc gives Tim Muma an inside look into the little things we do that give us away and how we can interpret words and behaviors. He also gives us advice on how to influence others in a variety of workplace situations.

Podcast Series: Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled Eggs takes a hodgepodge, entertaining approach to the employment realm. This show will undoubtedly give you a laugh, make you appreciate your job a little more, or at least take your mind off the stresses of life. In here, bad is good and weird is better!