Leadership Resilience - The Art of Bouncing Back
I was recently working with one of my San Francisco Bay Area executive coaching clients – the CEO of a boutique hotel and restaurant company. We had an enlightening coaching conversation about how his company bounced back from two recessions.
My executive coaching client and I then discussed how a leader’s emotions are contagious? I am coaching my client to help his employees become more resilient and create a culture of positivity.
How we respond to failures and bounce back from our mistakes can make or break our careers. The wisdom of learning from failure is undeniable, yet individuals and organizations rarely seize opportunities to embrace these hard-earned lessons.
Harvard business professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter is unequivocal: “One difference between winners and losers is how they handle losing.” Even for the best companies and most accomplished professionals, long track records of success are inevitably marred by slips and fumbles.
Our response to failure is often counterproductive: Behaviors become bad habits that set the stage for continued losses. Just as success creates positive momentum, failure can feed on itself. Add uncertainty and rapidly fluctuating economics to the mix, and one’s ability to find the right course is sorely tested.
Long-term winners and losers face the same ubiquitous problems, but they respond differently. Attitudes help determine whether problem-ridden businesses will ultimately recover.
Luckily, most of us can learn to become more resilient with training and coaching.
Are you working in a professional services firm or other organization where executive coaches provide leadership development to grow emotionally intelligent leaders?
Does your organization provide executive coaching for leaders who need to bounce back from adversity? Resilient leaders tap into their emotional intelligence and social intelligence skills to create an adaptable culture.
One of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself is “A I resilient in the face of a weak economy?” Emotionally intelligent and socially intelligent organizations provide executive coaching as part of their peak performance leadership development program.