Job Fair Strategy (Pt. 1)

Attending a job fair is a fabulous way to market yourself and network with potential employers. Perhaps, if you play your cards right, it may be the opening you need to secure your next position. Our expert, Amy Hansmann, lays out the best strategies to utilize when attending a job fair - from how to look, to how to act, to who to speak with. You may never have a better chance to sell yourself in person, so it's best to be prepared, and we have the keys.

Podcast Series: Minding Your P's and Q's
Minding Your P's and Q's is the ultimate source for all matters related to business etiquette. Here you find answers on the appropriate ways to think, speak, act, and look in a variety of scenarios. Each step of the process - job search, interview, daily business and special events - has its own rules and guidelines.