Is Your Resume Gone, Like a Dinosaur?
Is your resume gone, like a dinosaur?

Some of you really want to land your 1st after college, relocate to a new city, re-enter the job force after military or other retirement. Yet, your best efforts to display your professional best have come up short. I have to ask you to first address the similarity between your resume and a dinosaur. Is your resume gone like a dinosaur? We enjoy dinosaurs as a source of play and creativity; however, if you are using old fashioned and outdated techniques hoping that they will still work for you, you are sadly mistaken and unaware. You are now encouraged to take a look at 7 ways that your resume may be gone like dinosaur and adjust:

1. Gone are the 3 and 4 page resumes. If in fact, you are using an international format or CV, then there may be relevance for this length. However, in most cases, a 1 to 2 page format that highlights your accomplishments, achievements and unique marketing points are more relevant.

2. Gone are the home phone # and cell # on your resume. Hiring managers expect to see one phone number on your resume.

3. Gone is only the email address on your resume. Hiring managers expect to see your email address and LinkedIn URL.

4. Gone are boring resumes that lack visual appeal. Expected are clean, professional, well-designed visually appealing resumes that welcome graphs, color, logos and timelines (these must be removed for ATS resume formats).

5. Gone are paragraph formats describing job duties. To stand out on a resume with a goal of landing an interview, numbers, percentages and dollar amounts will quantify the results of your achievements and accomplishments detailing past experiences on job-winning resumes.

6. Gone are vague terminologies on resumes. Today’s best resumes should be showered with keywords of industry expertise.

7. Gone are boring resumes. Today’s resumes allow for endorsements from customers, former managers, co-workers and colleagues.

It is the responsibility of the job seeker to continue to update their job-seeking skills and competencies to learn best practices to garner the attention of hiring managers. It is no longer acceptable to play the dinosaur role as a passive job-seeker. Let me write it for you is equipped to take novice dinosaur job-seekers with award-winning career coaching and transformation of boring dinosaur resumes to job-winning resumes.