Is it time to change my job?
Many people mistakenly think that professional resume writers do better in a bad economy with high unemployment. Nothing could be further from the truth. Though I work with people who are unemployed and though I worked with both unemployed and those who want a career change throughout the recession that started in late 2007, it takes a good economy for professional resume writers to thrive.

I’d like to discuss why you should always be prepared for a career change whether you are currently employed or are unemployed.

What happens when economic confidence drops

When people don’t feel confident about the economy, they don’t invest in services and products. You see less people buying new cars, building new homes, taking extravagant vacations. This is true of job seekers and career movers too. There is always a number of both unemployed and forward-thinking careerists who know that preparing for opportunities in any economic climate is wise. Those people understand that investments yield results. But the numbers of those are less when the economy is bad.

How to determine if it is time to change your job

Ask yourself these questions if you have been mulling over a career change:
  • Are you feeling fulfilled with your current company?
  • Are you meeting the career goals you set for yourself?
  • Do you like your coworkers?
  • Is there potential for advancement?
  • Is your company likely to merge in the near future? (Mergers aren’t necessarily bad but they do impact your roles and restructuring may occur.)
  • Is your company thriving or struggling?
How to determine if it is a good career move
  • Is the company I am targeting secure? Tip: check their stock prices if publicly traded on sites like CNNMoney.
  • What are employees saying about the company? Tip: using to look at what employees have posted about the company you are targeting.
  • Conduct informational interviews with former and present employees to get the inside scoop.
  • Review LinkedIn to see if they have a company page and see if you can determine the numbers of employees who are being added.
  • Read media reports about the company. Don’t just read press releases. Google the company and assess the links to see if there is anything in the news (good or bad) that can help you make a decision.
What should you do to get ready for a career move?
  • Is your resume professionally written with keywords and value-filled accomplishments that clearly tell your career story?
  • Do you understand the impact of social media marketing on jobsearch?
  • Are you prepared with a robust LinkedIn profile?
  • Do you feel confident in facing an internal or external interview?
If you answered no to any of the questions above, consider hiring me to guide you through your career move or assist you in finding a new role. I help forward-thinking career professionals make decisive career moves and transition to new roles. My interactive, collaborative process gives you a voice in creating career documents and strategies that propel you to new opportunities.