How Not to Scare Employers Away During an Interview
Halloween is a fun time to dress up and express your inner spooky self. However, when it comes to interviewing, be sure that you are not scaring away potential job opportunities with any frightening behavior.

(Zombie-Like Behavior)

Avoid displaying zombie-like behavior during an interview by following a few simple tips. Make sure to properly research the company you are interviewing with and to prepare insightful questions ahead of time. This is will ensure an engaging conversation with the interviewer versus the nightmare of nodding along the entire time. Also, make sure you are well-rested so that you can present your best self during the interview.

(Freakish Attire)

Following the latest trends may be popular for a scary Halloween outfit, but keep in mind what is appropriate attire for an interview. Regardless of the position, professional attire demonstrates that you are serious about the job opportunity and the company.

(Don’t suck the life out like a Vampire)

After interviews, make sure to keep in touch with recruiters, networking leads, and interview contacts to avoid sucking the life out of your job search. Be sure to follow up with a quick email after your interview thanking them for their time and consideration. In addition, creating a profile on LinkedIn is a good way to build professional relationships with potential employers, while at the same time, allowing past employers the opportunity to recommend you as a good candidate.