Every Firm Needs a Six-Month Check-up
Whether your firm is a multi-generational, family-owned funeral home or is corporately-owned, it needs – just like you and everyone you know – requires a regular, six-month check-up with a physician.

Why do people go to a doctor when they’re not sick? To make sure all systems are on go – running efficiently…and that no bugs have crept in.
The same is true with your firm. Whether your bottom-line numbers are barely at quota or off the charts, a six-month check-up will make sure you’re moving in a positive direction…and if you’re not, it’s time to take a closer look and make changes.

So, what does this six-month check-up include?

At the doctor’s office, there’s a physical exam, routine blood work and, of course, the doctor will have questions, like, “Are you sleeping okay? Any changes in your appetite? Any changes in…” well, we all know what the questions are like.

If you’re conducting a six-month check-up for your firm, you don’t have to be a manager. You can be a recently-hired employee or a veteran director. It’s also a good idea to have a group check-up – where every employee is involved and has input.

Here are 10 areas we need to look at:

• Are we growing or not? Are we simply marching in place…or are we taking giant steps and progressing? - Whatever the answer, where would you like to be in six months?

• What are our strengths? - How can we further build on these?

• What are our weaknesses? – How can we strengthen these areas?

• In view of the entire community, where does our standard of service rank? Are we offering the highest standard, the lowest or the middle? How can we move up in this area?

• What have we accomplished over the last six months? Be honest!

• What do we want/need to accomplish over the next two quarters?

• Have we had a high standard in any area and allowed that to slip? Have we made progress in any weak areas?

• What do we all have to do to move ahead of our competition?

• What new services can we possibly add to make every customer’s experience a memorable one?

• What can I, as an individual, contribute to make this firm the best in our community…even better than it is today?

An honest evaluation of your firm – just like a professional evaluation of your physical status – is the only way to keep healthy growth happening. If you haven’t had a six-month physical check-up yourself, now’s the time…and while you’re at it, take an hour or two and assess the status of your firm, as well. You’ll be glad you did both!