Don’t Quit Your Job!
Having worked for six different companies before branching out into my own business full-time, it seems crazy for me to tell others not to quit their job, but I’m doing it anyway.


Because most people quit too soon.

No matter where you work, you will always encounter people, processes, systems, etc. that you will want to change. The problem is too many people allow this frustration to grow from a “mole hill to a mountain” in their minds. Once this occurs, their every fantasy is about how and when they can quit. And, if you quit before it’s your time, there’s a good possibility you’ll regret it. In corporate recruiting, we called these people “boomerang employees,” because they usually wanted to return.

I once stayed at a job two years longer than I wanted simply because I didn’t feel it was time to leave….even though I desperately wanted to get away. My reward for sticking it out – an opportunity to volunteer to be downsized with a very, very generous severance package! If I had quit when the frustration set in, I would’ve missed out on a nice little pot of gold.

I don’t want to over-spiritualize this, but there is certainly something to be said about listening to your intuition, your gut. We often ignore its signs then regret it. If you have reached the boiling point with your current state, ask yourself these five questions:

1. Why do I want to quit?

2. Can my concerns be addressed and overcome within my current organization?

3. If so, am I willing to address them?

4. If it really time for me to quit or am I caught up in an emotional state (fear, anger, etc.) because of something that occurred?

5. If I were to leave, do I know where I want to go and have a good plan to get there?

Write down your answers and then review them carefully. As you do, give yourself an honest gut check to see what it has to say. If you know deep down that it’s not time to quit, DON’T IGNORE THIS! There’s a reason why you need to stick it out a little longer. I know it’s difficult but, if you don’t, you might miss out on the career breakthrough you’ve been wanting.