7 Tips for Reinventing Your Career - Connect on Social Media
"The only way to predict the future is to create it" - Peter Drucker

I was recently working with one of my San Francisco Bay Area executive coaching clients. We talked about his focusing on discovering a better sense of self including his core values and identity. He was energized and motivated to ignite his entrepreneurial spirit.

Most importantly we focused on his discovering a sense of purpose...what was truly important to him. He pondered on the following powerful questions. Who am I and what are my core values? What is most meaningful in my life? What am I trying to do with my life? Do I feel fulfilled in my life? Do I use my talents to the fullest extent? Am I realizing my dreams?

My career coaching client put the following tips on a Post-it attached to his computer monitor. The tips serve as a daily reminder to him that positively reinventing yourself can bring happiness and career fulfillment.

7 Tips for Career Reinvention

Like any new activity, reinvention requires practice. It may take a while for social media to become natural and habitual. Practice these seven tips to create reinvention habits:

      1. Envision your best possible future. When you daydream about your future, you set yourself up for goal-directed behaviors. Having a vision for the future is reassuring when the going gets tough. Envisioning your best possible future helps you persevere and provides hope and energy.

      2. Prioritize you passions. Close the door on what no longer motivates and energizes you. Create a mindset open to experimentation and possibility. You may stumble upon something terrific that fits your purpose and passion.

      3. Plug-in and be proactive. Create an online presence. Reinvention today is digital. Even the Pope is on Twitter!

      4. Be a connector. Connect on social media sites Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. People love to share work opportunities with people they know, like and trust.

      5. Take baby steps. In the Age of Disruption, we're all continual learners. Embrace it.

      6. Experiment by practicing. Learn by doing and taking massive action. Focus on succes rather than perfection.

      7. Take a Stand. Create the intention and a declaration of commitment to act with a specific "declared possibility" in order to move the possibility to reality.