4 Ways Women Can Get a Miserable Job Off of Their Back
Five years ago, you enjoyed your job, right? Now, you are bored, restless and feel as if you do not want to go back to work. So in a way you feel stuck. But then again, it's the end of the year and you are in luck. Time to take stock and re-evaluate your career plan to get that miserable job off of your back. Here are a few good tips taken from a talented woman from the Barnes and Company organization, Ms. Emily Barnes. You may be a woman who may feel the need to be challenged. You may be a woman who doesn't feel as if she is living up to her potential. You may be a woman who wants to earn more money. You may be a woman who wants more responsibility on the job.

Way #1 - Look for other options. Start with your current company. Take a look at the careers website and search for jobs that peak your interest. Are there some skills that you notice that make you feel charged? Take a look at the education and experience requirements and see how you fair.

Way #2 - Look at your current education level. How do you fare? You may have a college degree, but are there other skills that you can obtain from earning an industry certification. You may not have a college degree, but are there some certificate or licenses that you can obtain that may help put you in the seat of opportunity. Check out the American Association for University Women for funding to help increase your knowledge.

Hint: If you have something to offer, an employer's always going to want you.

Way #3 - Look at you talents and see if you can develop a small business based on your skills. You may start an informal tutoring service; proofreading service; courier service; serve as a personal shopper, housekeeper, butler or maid; work as a personal trainer or coach. Maybe even a babysitting service or companion service. If you are talented in any area, you may be able to offer that service to someone who lakes those skills. If you know something really well, you may be hired to consult for that industry. To get some ideas on how to accomplish a small based business, see the SBA.gov, the local Entrepreneurship Program, the Better Business Bureau or the Women's Business Enterprise National Council for more ideas and support on developing a small based business. There are a lot of different ways that you can earn money just by tapping into your own talents. Get your clients to provide a testimony of how well they like your service.

Way #4 - Look at what you'd like to do that would make you proud. There are many options that may not be among the careers that you are currently knowledgeable about. So as you dream about the life that you'd like to have, take some notes, re-vamp your professional documents and network via social media and connect with industry participants to see what options generate.