4 Secrets for Military Members to Craft Their Resume Summary
4 Secrets for Military Members to Craft Their Resume Summary

We love and value our military soldiers for their loyalty to our county. Having said that, at present the veterans overall unemployment rate is 8.3% On a single night, in January 2011, over 67,000 homeless veterans spent the night on the streets of America. We want to support our veterans and share best practices to assist them in securing profitable employment. As a military member, you learned how to think quickly on your feet, and work with your 'buddy' to solve problems, make adjustments and meet all missions and goals of the military. Let's shape your resume by helping you to leverage your skills and a craft a powerful, original dynamic resume summary.

Start by placing your summary on the top one-third of your resume’s first page to garner the attention of the ATS (applicant tracking system), human resource professional or interviewer.

If you can answer this question, "What drives you to excel in your job or profession," you will find a starting point to sharing an excellent secret for your resume summary. The first secret is to showcase your passion in your summary.

If you can answer this question, "Name three of your proudest moments on the job while serving in the military," you will be well on your way to enhancing your summary section. Did you recreate a process? Save revenue? Train others? Correct a major problem? Strategically maneuver a process that helped the company meet its goals?" The second secret is to add your accomplishments in a sentence to showcase your ability to handle large problems, large projects and expensive equipment or personnel.

If you can answer this next question, " How do your friends, colleagues or mentors describe your character and best attributes," you are well on your way to showcasing what makes you a unique candidate for hiring officials. The next secret is to add a testimony or recommendation on your resume to showcase that you are a well qualified candidate who is quite unique!

If you can answer this last question, "My subject matter expertise is _________, " you will be well equipped to showcase that you are the best professional for the job.

Now go over your answers and look at the keywords or your professional in your answers. Let us craft an overview of who you are as a professional. It is best to note your highest level attributes that helped companies first. Be sure to note if it was a team effort when accomplishing the goal. Try adding a unique spin from your favorite, most productive sayings or a testimony or information about your professional legacy.

For example, trying filling in the blanks to give you an idea of how to craft your resume summary:

Professional _ with 0+ years’ experience, helping companies _. Greatest asset includes _ and _. Taunting a ‘go hard or go home’ mantra (unique spin) to recruit 15 energetic college graduates to represent company and “toot toot” the company’s marketing initiatives, collaborations garnered $2.5M in revenue quarterly. Subject matter expert in _, _, and _.