3 Key tips to develop your professional image verbally when job searching
Here's a test. Can you fill in the blanks to spur a fantastic professional conversation at your next job search networking event?

Greeting (Hello my name is _.)

Expertise (I am an experienced _.)

Areas of expertise (I have xx years of experience in the _ industry with expertise in _, _, and _.)

Strengths (My strengths are _, _, and _.)

Accomplishments (I have been recognized for _).

Professional Style ( I am _, _, and _.)

Job search strategy or passion in your career (I am interested in expanding my experience into _.)

A large part of developing your professional self is to develop a good answer. Each of you have vast experiences where you have helped companies solve major problems, trained new employees and collaborated on some pretty neat projects. Some of you have obtained certifications that enhance your current job. While others of you are on the cutting edge in your profession. Means nothing if you cannot properly introduce yourself and espouse to your colleagues and in networking events details about your contributions to your profession. Use these tips to help draft your professional introduction so that you can shine like a Super S.T.A.R.

Your professional introduction should describe the skills and services that you have to offer an employer. Basically it's a brief monologue that sells your professional abilities and reflects your ideal careers skills and passion.

First, Super Stars use the Situation to begin with a greeting which should include giving your first and last name. As well, craft a statement about your experience which will state your accumulated experience in your specific industry and jobs.

Second, Super Stars use the Task to discuss your areas of expertise and strengths. Take a look at all of your duties and develop a statement that helps you to discuss your major job functions and skill categories. Add specific skills that you possess as well.

Thirdly, Super Stars use the Action to mention your professional style. Name your traits and characteristics that describe how you perform your job.

Lastly, Super Stars use the Result to discuss your accomplishments and goals. Showcase your specific accomplishments that emphasize your strengths. Your stated goals should help anyone understand what you want to do with your experience.