Company Overview
Twenty years of experience turning business insights into recruiting solutions

Let’s get right to the point. We think experience matters – yours and ours. Our team of seasoned front-line managers has the hands-on experience in screening and hiring to offer a more complete evaluation of work environments and more insightful interviews. Our experience ensures the right fit by assessing personality and behavior as well as skills and knowledge, leading to a better experience for you. Simply, we understand your needs better, which means better results. Happier clients. More satisfied employees. Better job suitability. Lower turnover. Reduced training expenses. Improved safety. All resulting in increased continuity, productivity, and profitability for our clients.

SourcePoint Staffing is focused on the Industrial, Office, and Professional markets with the following targeted service offerings:
· Industrial – All facets of manufacturing, distribution, and logistics
· Office/Professional – customer service, accounting, administrative support, human resources, logistics, marketing, purchasing, and sales (inside & outside)

Just as when we began in 1986, we are dedicated to being the source you can trust for experience, judgment, and success. Now, more than ever, we are the point where business insights lead to recruiting solutions.

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SourcePoint Staffing
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